Baltimore burlesque show Barbarellesque at the Creative Alliance


Move over, Mockingjay! Barbarellesque blasts off 11/22

Move over, Mockingjay! Barbarellesque blasts off 11/22

“The Creative Alliance is the place to be Saturday night as Barbarellesque promises an evening of “sexy silliness!”–Baltimore Sun #1 Pick in the Week’s 10 Best 11/16/14

“If it’s cool, there’s burlesque of it…so go check out Barbarellesque to get inspired!”–City Paper “NOW SEE THIS!” Critic’s Choice 11/19/14

“A lot of clothes will come off at the Barbarella-inspired burlesque show at The Creative Alliance. Check out our preview gallery of the show. It’s a hot one!”–Baltimore City Paper 11/17/14

“Barbarellesque has definitely struck a chord among sci-fi fans!”–21st Century Burlesque 11/17/14

“Barbarellesque is sure to bring out the little Galaxy Queen in each of us.”–What Weekly 11/20/14

“This is fantasy come true with not one but FOUR Barbarellas! Strap in, strap on and enjoy the ride!”– 11/13/14

“We’re already blushing thinking about Mr. Gorgeous’ NSFW take on Barbarella, and we probably won’t think of the alien-friendly sexpot in the same way ever again.”–Baltimore Style Magazine, November 2014

“If you like burlesque, sci-fi, theater, musicals, boylesque…there is something for everyone.”–DC Metro Theater Arts 11/20/14

“Barbarallesque is particularly exciting. It’s essentially a live-action version of the sci-fi camp classic Barbarella.”–The Baltimore Chop (11/21/14)

“Any show which features Cherie Sweetbottom, Maria Bella, Sunny Sighed and Kay Sera – all taking turns portraying the undisputed Queen of the Galaxy – is not to be missed!”–Baltimore Post Examiner, 6/27/2014

“It’s a really smart, sexy show and you should go!”–DC Metro Theater Arts, 11/21/13

“Epic.”–Baltimore Post Examiner, 11/11/13


Barbarellesque: An Ecdysiast Theatrical Experience is a unique live production of the sexy sci-fi camp classic, Barbarella. Following the film’s script and plot, Barbarellesque highlights the most iconic moments with song, striptease and variety performances. With dynamic sets, custom sound-scapes, wild action sequences and plenty of general shenanigans, Barbarellesque is sure please fans of the movie and burlesque alike.


CompoundProductions5050 presents mid-Atlantic burlesque and theater performers Cherie Sweetbottom, Maria Bella, Sunny Sighed, Kay Sera, Missy Aggravation, Mr. Gorgeous, Stephon Walker and Pole Courter

Sogo Go-go and extraterrestrial kittening by Cherie Nuit, Kitty Bermuda, Melody Magpie, Mourna Handful, Valeria Voxx and Whiskey Joy

When & Where

Contact us at to book our show!

Additional Info

For promotional photos, press materials and interviews, contact Kay Sera at

The four Barbarellas, in order of appearance, are

  • Cherie Sweetbottom (performing the iconic opening striptease)
  • Maria Bella (valiantly defending herself against clothes-chomping evil dolls)
  • Sunny Sighed (serenading and seducing a flight-reluctant Pygar)
  • Kay Sera (battling vicious parakeets and putting the Excessive Machine to the test)

The cast is rounded out with other favorites from the East Coast:

  • Mark Hand (the Catchman) Washington DC’s Pole Courter
  • As the angel Pygar: Mr. Gorgeous
  • The Great Tyrant: Pretty-pretty herself, Missy Aggravation
  • Duran Duran: Founder of Cheeky Monkey Sideshow and despot, Stephon Walker

Adding to the titillation are the Sogo-Go-Go Girls: Cherie Nuit, Kitty Bermuda, Melody Magpie, Mourna Handful, Valeria Voxx and Whiskey Joy. Production design by Richard Just. Sound design by Bal’d Lightning. Poster design by Steven Warrick.

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