Baltimore burlesque show Barbarellesque at the Creative Alliance

Photo Policy

Photo Policy and Code of Conduct

This page outlines the Photo/Video Policy & Code of Conduct for Compound Productions 50/50 events. Your ticket purchase/attendance implies consent to adherence of this policy.

Regardless of credentialing, all attendees are to abide by this Photo/Video Policy & Code of Conduct.

Consent: Ask permission before photographing people. This is just politeness and common sense.

Interfering with others: Repeated interference** with the participants/attendees or otherwise obstructing/disrupting others’ enjoyment of any CP50/50 event risks your removal from the venue.

**Repeated interference simply if asked to refrain from a given action more than once by ANYONE, including another attendee.

You are free to shoot from your seat or from other spots in the venue, provided you do not stand at the front of the stage, block the aisles or otherwise compromise fire safety and/or obstruct the view of other attendees.

Flash photography: There is no flash photography allowed during performances. Use of flash permitted before the show, during intermission, and after the show.

iPads and tablets: The use of iPads and other tablets for photography is prohibited, as this obstructs the view of others.

Backstage access: The backstage area is restricted to performers and production team only. No photography, videography or any press or media permitted backstage under any circumstances.

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