Baltimore burlesque show Barbarellesque at the Creative Alliance

Cast & Crew

(In order of appearance)

Cherie Sweetbottom (Barbarella/Dildano)

Stephon Walker aka Swami YoMahmi (President/Concierge/Duran Duran)

Maria Bella (Barbarella)

Chris Griffin (Mark Hand the Catchman/Pygar)

Sunny Sighed (Barbarella)

Mr. Gorgeous (Pygar [Baltimore production])

Kay Sera (Barbarella)

Missy Aggravation (The Great Tyrant)

And as Evil Dolls, Labyrinth Denizens and Revolutionaries–Our Sogo-Go-Go Girls:

Kitty Bermuda

Mourna Handful

Whiskey Joy

Melody Magpie

Cherie Nuit

Valeria Voxx

Set Design & Production

Richard Just

Sound Design

Bal’d Lightning


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